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Hey everyone.  Was just doing a bit of thinking (gasp!), and while thinking, I decided that the "hands" icon for the journal's default icon is pretty boring.  So how would you guys feel about a little icon contest?

The Rules!

1. Must feature both Celeborn and Galadriel (cuz the community is dedicated to both of them and all)

2. Um... actually that's the only rule I can think of right now besides keep it clean, but I think we're all smart enough to assume that.

I figured what we'd do is have this be an ongoing thing and compile all the entries into one post at the end of every month, then vote on which icon y'all like best and have that be the default icon for the next month.  For example, we can all get our creative little butts in gear now and then, at the end of February, vote for the default icon for March.  Then all through March you can make icons for April, and at the end of March we'll pick an icon for April.  If you understood most of that, you're doing better than I am.

If you need somewhere to upload your icons so you can link to them and have them appear in the post and do all spiffy computer junk I just recently figured out how to do, drop me a line and I'll upload them to my Photobucket account or whatever.  :o)


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